2018 - The Not Forgotten Association

For the calendar year 2018 we chose the Not Forgotten Association as the charity we would be fundraising for through the AQOUK group.

Each year we choose a different charity to fundraise for, voted for by the members of the group. Although last year was a short fundraising year of only 6 months, we still managed to raise a whopping £700. This was generated by calendar sales, puddle lights & some donations.

We ran a weekly competition for 12 weeks for members to submit their photos of their pride and joys for the model relevant week we ran the competition for. The winner was voted for by members of the group, the one with the most likes won. The winner received a personalised mug of the photo they submitted as a congratulatory prize from the admin team.

2019 - Heart Research UK

This year we are happy to announce, the group has chosen Heart Research UK for the charity we will be fundraising for this year. You can find out more about the charity HERE  

Our fundraising plans for this year are a new and improved calendar, we will be changing the format slightly for this year, to see the different format, you will have to keep and eye out for the competition launch as there will be a nice surprise for all the winners and a special surprise for one lucky entrant.

we will also be working closely with companies who generously donate special discounts/offers to AQOUK group members who then donate those fees and difference to our fundraising.

Along with potential other oppurtunities we will come across along the way we have a full 12 months to smash our last fundraising total out the water. :)

keep an eye out in the events and here for further updates on our progress and up coming fundraising events.

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