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We have created some 'How To' videos/pictures to help guide through carrying out some simple, cosmetic modifications and day to day maintenance/repairs.

We will try to continually update our videos to accommodate our members as much as possible.

Feel free to contact us should you have any specific requests or if you would like one of your own submissions uploaded to the page.

We accept no responsibility for any damage/injuries caused should you choose to follow any of the 'How To' guides. These are for assistance purposes only.

Mirror housing removal / dynamic indicator installation

1; Angle the mirror glass all the way to the bottom and facing into the car

2; Using a trim removal tool gently slide behind the glass and pry the glass away from the mirror motor

3; unclip connections on the back of the glass and put the glass safe

4; using a T10 screwdriver remove the screw holding the mirror motor in place

5; a gentle pull will detach the mirror moto from the housing and disconnect the wires

6; remove the t10 screws (2 on the bottom) 2 on the mirror housing itself and the PH1 screw on the mirror housing (some may be missing if your housing has been replaced previously)

7; push in the 2 retaining lugs on the top of the mirror housing where it connects to the mirror bracket (circled)

8; unclip (where necessary) the mirror housing from the black plastic mirror (base)

9; a short sharp tug or wiggle upwards will remove the mirror housing from the mirror unit.

10; seperate the indicator from the mirror

11; reassemble in reverse.

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